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What makes a Great Pub!

Written by Heather Lawson

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The pub is a familiar and affordable luxury. You can eat good food for the fraction of the price you'd pay in a top restaurant. You can enjoy a pint or two in the company of others, or maybe just spend some quiet time in the corner, perusing the paper and listening to the gentle ebb and flow of conversation with a drink in hand.

A good pub is all about the people. It's about the people behind the bar and the tone for the audience they want to attract.


The tips below can provide all you need to know to make your pub a great place to go!...


Beer Garden: Not every pub has a beer garden but if you do then you can make the most of the additional space it provides.  A nice well-kept garden is a good setting for an afternoon glass of wine or two and a place to unwind with friends over a lazy lunch.   Beer gardens are often included as part of a premises licence or club premises certificate. Live amplified music that takes place in a beer garden is exempt from licensing requirements, provided the beer garden is included in the licence or certificate applying to the relevant licensed premises, and the performance takes place between 08:00 and 23:00  on the same day before an audience of 500 people or fewer.

Good Food: Catering for all, providing organic foods, or catering for vegetarian, vegan and special dietary requirements are becoming a lot more popular. A pub is not a restaurant, so providing real food at realistic prices is always a good start.

Sporting Tournaments: to watch sporting events make sure you have the correct TV licence and subscriptions from Sky sports or BT Sport in place to ensure that you are not breaching any copyright law.

Sports Games: Commonly played in pubs like pool, darts , table tennis and billiards are considered to be indoor sporting events if played in the presence of an audience, for example if you are holding a darts championship competition. Where the event is held between the hours of 08:00 and 23:00 on any day provided that those present do not exceed 1000 then you do not need a licence.

Clean toilets:  Are always a good sign. If you make the effort to keep these clean then it gives the impression that the places you can't see will be clean too.

Online Presence: The different benefits a business may receive vary with having an online presence. It is most common to check out what a pub has to offer online before visiting, from viewing the food menu, facilities on offer, opening times and any reviews from previous customers.                                                 

Family friendly:   If this is the angle you are steering towards, then children should be welcomed and catered for. A children's menu and an area for children where you can provide toys and colouring books can keep the little ones entertained.

Beer: You can't have a pub without Beer! Or any other alcohol for that matter. Locally sourced beer is usually very popular.  It's also good to offer a range of well-kept cask ales and craft beers to cater for all tastes.


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