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Nostalgic School Dinners

Written by Jo Sanders

school meals

School dinners are not what they use to be from a nostalgic point they are definitely better and we are definitely glad our kids are consuming actual vitamins rather than the mountain of beige we used to eat, however there is something comforting about a high sugar, carb laden school dinners of yesterday.

Memories of school dinners in the 1970's include liver and bacon (usually overcooked) meat pie, veg and mash. Prunes, Pink Blancmange, Tapioca and Jam, Roly Poly and custard, spotted dick (much to kid's amusement) and custard. A high fat and high sugar menu.

In the 1980's mince dumplings, chips and peas, ploughman's, egg and cheese salad were typical. When hot dogs and beef burgers and chips were on the menu kids loved it.

In the 90's turkey twizzlers, chips and beans, cornflake tart and pink custard were favourites.

My school favourite was Roast Dinner and Chocolate pudding and chocolate custard. What was yours?

I'm sure you will have a list of loved and hated dishes.

Nowadays schools offer pre ordering choices. In the old days of eat what you had been given and you can't leave the table until you have finished, it was a battle of wills between Dinner lady and pupil.

The choices today include vegetarian, packed lunch, baked potatoes, dessert or fruit.  The menu is designed with healthy but popular choice options.

It's pleasing to know that all school kitchens have a regular visit by Food safety officers, the standards are usually good.

Many schools now do their own catering in "school" rather than employing the larger School caterers for further control on menus.

Apparently Retro School dinner recipes are back! If you want to re live those school favourites there are many recipes available.

Enjoy you're trip back to the good/bad old days.


Jo Sanders

Food Safety Officer

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