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New Year's resolutions - How to avoid a noisy new year!

Written by Andrew Grimley


We all want to live our lives how we wish however with a bit of thought and perhaps a New Year's resolution you can avoid causing noise issues to your neighbours:

Loud music

Christmas, New Year and the sales are times for present of a new stereo or that new 60 inch Television that you have always wanted however, when you have installed your new equipment keep the volume down especially during the later evening, night or early morning.

Better still use headphones if you want to play your music loud or late at night. Place speakers away from party walls and stand them on insulating materials. If you are having a party, consider inviting the neighbours, keep windows and doors closed and if someone complains turn the music down.

If noise from your neighbours is disturbing you, approach them politely and explain the problem. They may well not realise the effect they are having. Most people will be glad to do what they can to reduce noise. Do approach the matter carefully if you think your neighbour may react angrily to your complaint.


 If you're planning a party, your neighbours are likely to much more understanding if you warn them well in advance - you could even invite them.

Don't ruin their evening and yours by being noisy, keep music at reasonable levels for the time of night and refrain from loud singing and shouting - and encourage your guests to be equally respectful.

Musical Instruments

If you are lucky enough to be given or are intending to give a drum kit or other musical instrument to a member of your family have a thought for your neighbours!

There are no legally set times for practicing your musical instrument, but just be sensitive to your neighbours. You may be delighted to listen to your daughter's two-hour violin recital, but your neighbours may not. Where drums are concerned consider using or fitting practice pads.


...Can be fun - but noisy fireworks can frighten people and animals. So if you must have your own fireworks - warn anyone nearby, especially if they have pets or livestock, young children or are elderly, and let them off at a reasonable time.

In 2004 regulations were brought in to manage nuisance noise caused by fireworks. It is an offence to let off fireworks after 11pm at night - with the exception of Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year and Chinese New Year.


Most people have jobs, which need doing around the home, especially if they have just moved in, or are redecorating. We also have to accept that many people have jobs during the day and need to do DIY work in the evenings, during the holidays and at weekends.

However, this does not give them permission to annoy neighbours at all hours of the day and night or for the work to simply go on and on. We all have to be reasonable to live together.

Getting a New Puppy or Chickens?               

2018 might be your year for starting the good life by keeping chickens for fresh eggs every day or getting a new dog for the children or improving your exercise levels - fantastic however be aware that cockerels and chickens can cause noise issues or a barking puppy / dog can cause disturbance to your neighbours 

Barking Dogs - along with amplified music,  this is the most common source of complaint received by us and we have an specific advisory leaflet has been produced which gives information on why dogs bark and some advice on how to reduce barking.

Cockerels - If you get chicken do you really need a cockerel? - They are not necessary for your new ladies unless you want to produce more chickens!

If you must have a cockerel ensure that the cockerel is located as far away as practicable from neighbouring residential properties. Shut them away at night. Other cockerels in the area will cause them to compete with each other and may result in excess crowing. We have a specific advisory leaflet has been produced which gives information on controlling noise from cockerels and advice on how to keep chickens to avoid smell and rodent problems.

However you spend your time over the New Year holidays, remember to think how this may affect others around your neighbourhood.

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