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Why Learn Online?

Written by Craig Fowler, October 18th 2017

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Why Learn Online?

Have you got a busy work schedule, a hectic personal life or other responsibilities may prevent you from further training and education?

Thanks to e-learning courses provided by EHTC, you can continue with training at a time and place that suits you.


Advantages of EHTC online training courses include:

You can learn at your own pace and on your own terms.

Choose when to move on to the next module rather than moving along with the pace of your peers.

Fit training around your schedule

E-learning fits into any schedule. You can access courses and materials when it is most convenient to you.

You don't need to travel.

No need to worry about sitting in traffic or having to arrange transport. There are no travel costs or concerns about bad weather.

It doesn't interfere with your work or home life.

Our online e-learning courses don't conflict with work schedules or personal appointments.  Courses can be done anywhere, anytime. You do not need to miss the children's play at school or any other commitments!

E-learning empowers and motivates you.

Learning online empowers you to take control over personal and professional goals.  This can help to further careers or improve personal development.

Online learning removes the risks that limit learning potential.

Online learners don't have to stress about passing a test or failing in front of their peers. People are generally more willing to test their boundaries.

Employees often prefer online training.

Employees don't have to stay after hours in the office to complete mandatory training. They may even be able to access their training on the go by using mobile devices if applicable. With the click of a button employees can delve into a subject, watch a video that explores a complicated task or engage in an exciting e-learning presentation. Online training can be interactive and can create a training experience that draws in the employee and makes them feel like they are an essential part of the overall training experience.

E-learning courses can offer flexibility and cost effectiveness combined with quality and high standards, compared to face-to-face courses.

Risk and compliance based training solutions are used by many organisations.

Get a nationally accredited qualification.

EHTC are a registered training centre with the Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance, which is regulated by Ofqual. We offer nationally accredited Level 1, 2 & 3 qualifications in Health & Safety, Food Safety, Fire Safety, Manual Handling and Personal Licence Holder (APLH) Training

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